Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Surface Mount Type & Radial Lead Typeイメージ

Surface Mount Type & Radial Lead Type

Our product lineup can contribute to high performance and high reliability of equipment.
・EP-cap (conductive polymer-hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors) that has achieved ultra low
・ESR/maximum permissible ripple current with the industry’s first 80V/100V/125V
・In-vehicle electric applications

Thermistors Series

NDH seriesイメージ

NDH series

These NDH series thermistors are of a glass-sealed axial lead type.
Excellent in heat resistance. Tape packaging is available for automatic insertion possibilities onto PCBs.


Infrared SI and Ge lenses with Antireflection coatingイメージ

Infrared SI and Ge lenses with Antireflection coating

By forming a single or multilayer dielectric film on the surface of optical materials, coating can prevent light from reflecting on the surface and improve transmittance.

High Precision miniature lamp light source


Outstand characteristics of these lamps are long life as well as shock and vibration resistance. These standards are for instance(EN), US-MI-Specification(MS), Norm Francoise(NF), British standars(BSI), DIN, IEC, ANSI,etc.


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